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I am a 26-year-old entrepreneur, multimedia content strategist, and philanthropist currently in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area). Born in the city of beautiful sunsets, rapturous residents, stunning beaches, and exciting entertainment, Miami gave me a unique perspective when I moved to Virginia. When I moved to Virginia, the difference was easily noticeable, from the country hills to the cows grazing.

I graduated from Brunswick Highschool and moved to Blacksburg, Virginia to attend Virginia Tech. Going into Virginia Tech I wanted to go into mechanical engineering but I quickly realized that wasn’t the route for me. I tested the waters with business management but found construction management through a friend I met.

Construction management was the perfect mix between engineering and the business side of the construction industry. Through my victory lap (5th year) around Virginia Tech I feel more in love and confident with photography. I was able to experience so many great adventures all from being behind the camera from concerts in Miami to working with pro athletes. 

On October 1, 2018, I became a small business owner of K3 Marketing and Media, my last year at Virginia Tech. Going full into my passion that grew overtime was one of the best feelings. Although I graduated with a degree in Construction Management and Engineering at Virginia Tech, I realized my passion was behind the lens. With the courage of going against the grain, I decided to go along with my passion.

Within the Frame: K3 Marketing and Media Group, LLC · No More Interviews Ep.002 | January 19, 2019

I’m also the co-founder of No More Interviews, a movement inspired by vision and purpose. It is where dreams are fulfilled through belief and action which generates a complete faith that simply cannot co-exist with fear. I'm also heavily involved with the In My Bag Tour Foundation, a non-profit organization that develops educated, entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are healthy and serve their communities. There are people around the world that are dependent on me to follow through with my passions. Through these ventures, we hope to touch and add value to many people!

To some, this seems completely off the chart to now be a media and brand strategist, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. However, being multi-disciplinary allows for a unique perspective. My life purpose is to honor God throughout my journey and be able to let my journey be an inspiration to others.

In My Bag Tour 2019: Philly

I believe personal values evolve with the current season we are in. Here are a few of my values that do not change:

  1. FAITH - Nothing could be achieved without the Man above. My faith wasn’t as strong as it is now but it is continuing to grow and trust God with my steps.

  2. COMMUNICATION - How we interact with others is solely dependent on how we communicate with each other. I want to learn as much as I can about communication and how we can effectively communicate with each other. 

  3. EXPOSURE - I was blessed to be exposed to so many different experiences that I can’t begin to imagine. I thank my parents for making the sacrifices for me at a young age, which allowed me to have a free-range thinking mindset. 

  4. PEACE - My peace directly correlates with my Faith in God. Being at peace would be one way I would define success. Being at peace with my decisions, actions, and the journey ahead of me. 

  5. COURAGE - Life has its way when it comes to pushing yourself towards making decisions past that comfort level you are used to. Through my exposure, I have always tested my ability to go against the grain and beyond the norm. Life takes courage. 

  6. PASSION - What would I do for the rest of my life if there was no money involved? That answer equals passion. I pray everyone can one day find out what they are truly passionate about and go beyond their comfort zone to achieve what they are called to do. 

  7. GRIT - Once I found my passion, grit took over. I wanted everything to do with my passion, I wanted to learn everything. The challenges aren't looked at as barriers anymore but an opportunity to grow and learn.

  8. CURIOSITY- Never stop learning. Never stop growing. I’ve committed myself to always humble myself and understand that I can always learn more about anything. Being able to sit back and still be a student of life and its experiences. 

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